[A] winning new album... There's no doubting Mr. Collin's pianism which is lucid and flowing.... His own compositions...(are) distinguished by dark grandeur, dynamic swells and a chamberesque layering of texture...distinctive.

Nate Chinen, The New York Times
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An extraordinary album...Collin's style is unique and engaging without obvious influences.
4.5 stars 

Karl Akermann, All About Jazz
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An absolute masterpiece…one of those rare albums that just grabs and holds your attention from start to finish- brilliant.
5 stars

John Adcock, Jazz Journal (UK)

An album that successfully delivers a unique voice…at its heart is an extraordinarily talented pianist…Collin exhibits a crystal clear vision with his music and no matter what style or form that might take, there is a beautifully natural cohesive quality to it all, each and every moment in time/ space/ sound being one to cherish…an album of divine substance.

Mike Gates, UK VIBE
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A thrilling ensemble that is propelled by a piano playing that is as brilliant, as it is sensitive. A captivating record!

Felix Marciano, Jazz Magazine (France)

A visionary composer, an extraordinary jazz pianist and a very bright young rising star in the jazz world.

Jon Weber, NPR
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To say his work is unorthodox would be somewhat of an understatement. This album no doubt presents listeners with a work of art that is worthy of being held onto for generations to come."

Eric Sandler, The Revivalist
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Achingly beautiful... Elegiac, almost hymnal... Touch, compositional flair and technique all seduce, but are trumped by the emotional strength in Collin's writing and playing. Still in his early 30s...the possibilities now seem endless.

Ian Patterson, All About Jazz
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Sidestepping the head-solos-head formula that most jazz piano trios use to death…Prodigious technique.

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…a talented composer, a gift that ultimately sets The Calling apart...strikingly evocative compositions, cinematic and soulful. Distinctly personal and creative

Mike Joyce, The Washington Post

...among the leading lights of a new breed of jazz players.

Kevin Lowenthal, The Boston Globe

This album is a rush of blood to the head.

Marc Antunes,
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A highly personal, contemporary vision.

A Blog Supreme, NPR
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A record that grabbed me from the first second until the end.

Jason Crane, The Jazz Session
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Wow!  Beautiful...dripping with dramatic tension.  Collin is joining the pantheon of the modern jazz piano trio.  Highly recommended.

Editor’s Comments, All About Jazz
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Music both subtle and dramatic.

Bob Hatteau, ImprovJazz (France)

This superb pianist belongs to this generation of jazzmen who finds inspiration in a wide spectrum of music genres.

Telerama (France)

Romain Collin’s new album, The Calling, is a tour de force that showcases his strengths as an accomplished composer and virtuoso pianist of the highest order.

JazzEd Magazine
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The storytelling elements to this disc make it hard not to feel your are on a journey... There is something eerie here, a cloudy-sky-with-patches-of-blue quality pervading everything. Collin demonstrates his fluency and virtuosity beyond the page.  The impression is one of arranged music, but one of full improvisation...

John Ephland, DownBeat
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An intimate look into the extraordinary, creative mind, and swelling talent of this young ascending jazz pianist... distinctly classical, achingly arresting, as Collin searched out each note with the demeanor of a jeweler with a keen eye for the most brilliant diamond in a mound of gemstones.

Cameron Jackman,
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Far from exhibiting his virtuosic technique, Collin's playing is always lyrical and musical.

Jazzman (France)

Romain Collin is an extraordinarily talented jazz pianist with a vision that reaches deeply within himself, boldly probes far beyond music’s natural horizons, and expresses what he finds, feels and sees with an amazingly clear purpose and conviction.

CJ Bond,
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A placeholder in the continuing evolution of the grand tradition of the piano trio.

Phil DiPietro, All About Jazz
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The Calling is a brilliant example of how jazz has progressed into the modern era."

Steven Gizzi, Audiointimacy

...Exhilarating!  A unique music where everything seems to flow effortlessly, while keeping the listener constantly surprised... Most highly recommended!

Arnaud Roffignon, ENA Mag

Collin makes it ultimately clear that this music is coming from inside him- spontaneous and charged with energy.  Most highly recommended!

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An overwhelmingly powerful record made by an important pianist.

...a game-changing jazz pianist.