Malala Fund Anthem (2015)
Anthem film directed by Yaara Sumeruk for the Malala Fund to help launch the #standwithmalala campaign. The film got nearly 2 million views on facebook within 48 hours of launch.

The Quantified Self (2015)
A short film directed by Gleb Osatinski

Ringo (2011)
Short dark comedy directed by Yaara Sumeruk, premiered at the Locarno International Film Festival

(Self) Portrait (2018)
Symphonic piece composed to a portrait made by artist Julia Pelzer.

The House at the Edge of the Galaxy (2012)
Award-winning fictional tale by Gleb Osatinski

Le Bresil par la Cote (2015)
Five-part feature documentary by Ombline de la Grandiere. Music by Romain Collin.

Les Airventuriers (2015)
Two-part feature documentary on France from above directed by Ombline de la Grandiere

Pisces of an Unconscious Mind (2010)
Short movie by Gleb Osatinski

Mustela US Ad Campaign (2017)
Directed by Jean-Sebastien Brettes/ Fire-Ants Production

Malala Fund Syria (2015) 
Tasneen, a Syrian refugee living in the heart of Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, gets a visit from Malala who comes to open a school for her and other Syrian girls like her. 

United Nations (2016)
Directed by Jean-Sebastien Brettes/ Fire-Ants Production

About Me (2008)
Short movie by Vladimir Subotic

Gallino (2015)
Short film directed by Lauren Fritz

American Daddy (2017)
Short Film directed by Yaara Sumeruk

Penguin Stacks Commercial (2014)
Animated cartoon for Penguin Stacks produced by Yaara Sumeruk

Parliamo Italiano (2014)
Short comedy directed by Yaara Sumeruk.